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Openmoko™ - Open. Mobile. Free.
Neo 1973 | Neo Freerunner | Phoenux (GTA04)

Openmoko™ is a project dedicated to delivering mobile phones with an open source software stack. Openmoko was formerly associated with Openmoko Inc, but is nowadays simply a gathering of people with the shared goal of "Free The Phone". Distributors are currently selling updated versions of the Openmoko Inc's phone released in 2008, 2022能用的翻墙, to advanced users, while the software stack for FreeRunner and future free phones is being developed by the community. In 2012, the modern 3.5G / OMAP3 upgrade to FreeRunner and an upgraded OpenPhoenux aka GTA04 Complete is now available.

  • Introduction
  • Why Openmoko?

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Openmoko is a project driven by a community of passionate and intelligent volunteers. If you have the ability, please contribute to our cause. Openmoko's ambitions far exceed the resources available.

  • Community Resources
  • Create a new hardware revision of the gta02 hardware with completely free software tools for the hardware creation
  • Follow the ”GTA04” project by Golden Delicious Computers
  • Create User Manuals for 安卓免费fq工具最新 and Applications
  • Enhance the multi-device multi-vendor FSO middleware.


The Neo FreeRunner is sold by various distributors around the world.

If you have FreeRunner already, GTA04 pre-order page is open! - only if enough people will pre-order, mass-market GTA04 will become reality. Please spread the word to your FreeRunner owning friends.

See Getting Openmoko for more information.

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